Drip Irrigation

Due to the Texas climate, drought, and  water restrictions, Drip Irrigation is an intelligent alternative to overhead spray applications.


Benefits of Drip Irrigation System

Water Efficiency and Savings: 
Drip irrigation eliminates runoff and evaporation from planter beds and turf, conserving water and your monthly bills.

Direct contact with Root Zone: 
This application targets the root zone, encouraging new root activity, and plant growth.

A Drip Irrigation system compared to a your typical overhead spray application can save you up to 65% in water usage and allows you to water any day of the week and still be compliant  with city water restrictions. 


Green Grass is Achievable in a Texas Drought!


One of the best techniques to use in applying water to home landscapes, gardens and orchards is drip irrigation. This is the controlled, slow application of water to soil.
— Texas A&M Agrilife Extension