Maintenance System Checks

Your Irrigation system, like your car or truck, needs maintenance and tune-ups in order for it to run efficiently; saving you water, money and stimulating plant growth.  

  • Monthly Irrigation checks are recommended for Commercial Properties
  • Bi-Annual system checks are recommended for Residential Properties

 System Checks Include:

  •   Checking controller start and run times based on landscape requirements and season
  •   Ensure all zones are functioning
  •   Check all heads for proper coverage.
  •   Adjusting spray pattern for each sprinkler to ensure proper coverage
  •   Investigating for leaking sprinklers.
  •   Cleaning or replacing clogged nozzles.
  •   Inspecting the irrigation system for any wet spots, dry spots or leaks.
  •   Straightening  crooked heads for  adequate coverage
  •   Identifying heads that need to be raised or lowered for proper coverage
  •   Repairing any broken or malfunctioning sprinkler heads.
  •   Testing rain and freeze sensor for proper operation.
  •   Ensuring backflow device is functioning properly
  •   Checking water meter for potential undetectable leaks.
Their representative and installer, was professional, knowledgeable and completely reliable. Before beginning the work, he gave us his recommendations, and provided us with options. After we made our decision as to the scope of the project, he expertly performed the work and kept us well informed each step of the way. He set appointments and arrived exactly when he stated he would.
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